• Clothes - We need clothes for children mostly but clothing for adults come in handy. We try to collect 70% of clothing for children and 30% of clothing for adults. Please pass only clean and not damaged clothes and we are not a company equiped in tools to disinfect clothes, so it is important that the clothes were washed and damp.
  • Toys - We need toys for every age. Toys have to make happy so they have to be clean, not damaged and safe. From toys for batteries please take them out, because there can appear a leakage of toxic liquids inside it.
  • House equipment - Every kind, which is useless in our homes, can be worth as much as gold for families in need.
  • Furniture - Useless table or wardrobe, which hampers us can help somebody change his home.
  • Founds - Every amount of money will be fully given to help people in need.