Scout troop RANGERS

Scout troop was formed in 1968 in Karviné - Borders. This year he is therefore equal to 45 years and was founded by Otakar Novotný - Bumbrdla.

Lounge - shipyard located on the outskirts Karviné Darkov - Lipinách River Alder. Why I am writing yard? Perhaps it would be fair to say that our club is a water sports clubs, while Scout Section. Simply: "We are Water scouts." I think the word shipyard was therefore not have to explain.

Captain now is Ivan Jurčík - Guláž. Section currently has two crews - Pathfinders, Beavers (boys aged 11 to 14 years) and one crew - Otters (boys 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders)

The content of the program:

A variety of games that lead to independence, cooperation, development of memory, strategy, thinking. Zálesáckým learning skills such as: morse, knotting, roping, ciphers, wildlife ... And there is boating training - the mysteries of control canoes, kayaks, rafts and rafting. Meetings of different rivers - Alder, Odra, Moravice, Ostravice,

More information can be found on the website of the Boy Scouts:


Advisory AQUA VITAE offers free counseling to women of all ages and status or social status, who find themselves in difficult circumstances associated mainly with pregnancy, childbirth and caring for a newborn baby.

Facilitates contacts with experts from a number of areas, particularly with physicians (gynecologists, genetics), social workers, psychologists, family and educational consultants, lawyers, crisis workers shelters, family planning methods, teachers, clergy.

We will help you in particular:

  • sense of the social network
  • find a reputable professional contacts in their field, you need
  • find shelter
  • analyze the specific results of prenatal pregnancy test
  • cope with fears of a sick child birth
  • help find other options to achieve conceiving a child naturally - learn to know your body and the mechanisms that influence fertility

More information can be found at web site of counseling

Civic Association Stop Genocide

The aim of the civic association Stop Genocide recovery protection of human life from conception to natural death and help youth orientation in ethical issues of everyday life.

For more information visit association's website

 Movement for Life CR

Movement for Life CR is a civil association which aims to restore consciousness unchanging dignity and integrity of every human life from conception to natural death and recognition of his full legal protection.



  • ban the killing of babies before birth (abortion, abortifacient contraception, the killing of human embryos for IVF)
  • restore awareness of the dignity of all people, and the sick and disabled (no prenatal eugenics, euthanasia)
  • restore a sense of dignity of human sexuality
  • support the natural family based on the indissoluble marriage between men and women

Association provides practical help, publishes, and disseminates relevant information, organizes lectures and awareness campaigns, promotes systematic prayer efforts and works on legislative changes.

Protecting human life does not come from religion, but from natural reason. Because Christianity is more emphasis on justice, respect for human beings and active care for others, participate in pro-life efforts of the Czech Republic in active mainly Catholics.

For more information visit association's website