Our group has formed at the beginning of 2011.We wanted to help people in need,especialy children,who are the most vulnerable and innocent of their hard situation. The main prove of creating our organization is poor state of the social assistance system for people who really need help.

Our motto is "Bring hapinness to people"

Name of our organization House of Bread is built around 2 basic rules,the material and spiritual support.Bread is the word here in sense of food for body and soul.

Our goal is not only a material help,but we always support in changing their actuall life style.We want to gain new experience and friends.We are a group consisting of friends,we warmly invite you to our group,here you can meet new people,goal and life style.


chairman of the organizing committee.


PS : On our site we consciously did not write any names,because we don't want to promote ourselves,but our goals!